The Process Cont.
May 14, 2008 Day 974
With the exception of a few minor adjustments and paying the bill the stone Patio is finished. Thank you
Charlie for a great job. Pattie and I look forward to spending a lot of summer evenings out on the patio
and I will finally get to use my firepit that Pattie bought me two years ago.
John Coady has been in the house finishing some final touch ups of the plaster and repairing the hole in
the wall where our towel warmer once hung. The style of the towel warmer did not fit the style of the
house and it only worked when the furnace was heating that room. While John was working on our
house he gave us two old medallions that need a little work, then we hope to put them up in the house.
Thank you John that was especially nice of you.
We have been spending a lot of time maintaining the lawn ( a fancy name for mowing) and I have been
slowly working on refinishing the interior doors. I have one left and then I am finished. I also have all the
rooms with at least the base board in them.
We also have been planning phase two of the project the breezeway and the carriage house ( a fancy
name for garage) but the sale of our camp has been derailed at the moment so we will have to hold off
until we know for sure that we will have the funds for this project before we continue further.
Of course we are also trying to get things together for our open house June 1st
.... ... We hope to see you there!
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Patio Photos
The remainder of the week was spent mowing the lawn of course and finishing up the patio. Friday night
Pattie and I brought out the furniture lighted the fire, lamps and grill and toasted with a high five and a
glass of wine as we completed one more step in turning this project into a home. The enjoyment only
lasted about 30 minutes as it is still Mid May and Patti got cold and we moved inside the house for dinner.
Sunday we plan to walk the neighborhood and hand out invitations to our open house to our neighbors.
May 17,2008 Day 977
June 18, 2008 Day 1010
The last 30 days have been busy to say the least. We worked on getting us much of the upstairs
woodwork done prior to the Open House, tried to keep up with the spring grass, planned the Open
House and of course had our Open House. Thank you to all who came, we had about 75 guests and it
was a delight to meet and talk with so many of you. It is hard to believe the following we have amassed
on this project. We had neighbors, friends, family, contractors, co workers and web page followers
show up for the Open House, many of whom we had never met prior and it was fun. We hope everyone
who stopped by enjoyed themselves as well. A special thanks to Stacy our caterer everyone loved the
After the Open House our following week was filled with a trip to Las Vegas and our son's Graduation
from 8th grade, so that week was a wash as far as for work on the house. Last Sunday I started to
build the skirting for the farmers' porch with the help of my wife. I wanted a flush patchwork look so I
cut grooves in all the 3/4" by 3/4" boards every 3 inches so I could fit them together to create a flat
board effect with 3 inch square holes in them. I was able to finish one section on Sunday and installed it
on Tuesday. It took over 5 hours to cut, fit together, nail and paint one section. Tuesday I started
making a second section which I hope to finish in the evenings this week. As I told my wife this is
something we can afford only because we are building it ourselves.
Late Tuesday morning my new John Deere tractor arrived and I spent the rest of the day playing in the
yard with it. I outlined the north side of Giles Road with large rocks as to deter them from driving on
our lawn and plowing up our lawn when they plow snow. I can do this because I own that part of the
road and they only have a right of way.I also graded  my driveway which runs around the barns so that
they were smoother and looked better. It was fun to play with the tractor and I am sure I will have
many more hours of usage.
Later Tuesday afternoon I met with Julian to discuss the second phase of Cross Point Farm our
Carriage house and breezeway. This is planned for a September start, Pattie wants to have a garage for
this upcoming winter.It is hard to believe that 3 years and 3 days ago  we first viewed the house with
our Realtor, I am sure she thought we were crazy, she was not able to make the Open House so I do
not know if she still thinks we are or not.
The Process Cont.