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July 2, 2008 Day 1024
The last two weeks have been spent basically working on the skirting under the house and playing with
my new tractor! We have been patiently waiting for Julian to give us an estimate on Phase Two as we
know he is busy but, I would love to know the estimated cost. This way I could prepare and know for
sure that we can afford the project. I have the drawings all set for the Code Enforcment Officer and just
need the cost to send in for the building permit. The skirting is all done and installed except for the north
side and under the steps. The house looks much better with th skirting.
Speaking of the house looking better the listing Real Estate Agent stopped by with three other realtors
from her office to take a tour of the finished project. They could not believe it was the same house and
were very complimentary. It is fun showing the place to people who saw the house before we started.
I hope to add some more pictures later this week, however until then I have provided a link to the
drawing for Phase Two
Phase Two
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July 23, 2008 Day 1045
Deep in my heart I know I should be working on the trim work in the house, but it is summer and I
really want to be outside. So I have been outside working on the landscaping with my new tractor.So
much for promises to finish the trimwork by August but hey you have heard those promises broken
before. Besides who could blame a guy for wanting to play on his new tractor and the landscaping
looks so nice!
I started clearing the old farm road on the north side of the house. It is an area of about 15 to 20 feet
wide and is curbed by a stone wall on each side. The first part of the process is cutting all the trees
and brush out of the way and then digging all the stumps out of the ground. This is where the tractor
comes in.Then I rebuilt the stone wall added some top soil and mulch and planted some plants and
flowers. I have about 50 feet done from the road up to the Chestnut tree. I still have to rebuild the
stone wall on the neighbor's border but that is minor work compared to the planting etc. The walls
run the whole dept of the lot and beyond so I have a lot of work ahead of me, about another 250 feet
to be exact. I also added a planting bed in front of the farmer's porch and planted a few plants there
as well along with mulch. All in all we were very happy with the results. It is fun doing some of the
tweaking parts of the project when you add little details that just make the place jump compared to
Speaking of places that jump Pattie and I went on a Home and Garden Tour put on by the Boothbay
Botanical Gardens as a fund raiser. We saw some very nice homes and some neat gardens and took
pictures and notes of plants that we liked etc. It was a great way to spend a day peaking in to other
peoples homes and admiring their work and designs. I came away with a new goal and that is to have
my house worthy of being on that tour someday. I have a lot of work ahead of me before that can
happen if ever, but you need a goal! I hope to have some pictures of the landscaping downloaded
soon if it ever stops raining.
Landscaping photos
It stopped raining
July 30, 2008 Day 1052
Tuesday I rented the "Billy Goat" this is a brush hogger and I used it to help clear some areas of
brush in the future tree garden and also the farm road. I spent a good 10 hours working on clearing
brush and re building the stone wall. I now have the rock wall built all the way back to the end of
the house. This weekend is our big Lobster party so there will be no work just Lobster, Steak and
fun! If you are coming see you then if not I will be back at the website in a couple of weeks
August 21, 2008 Day 1074
The party went great! We had rain coming down in buckets and lightening and thunder as the guest
started to arrive. I was outside with an umbrella helping guests get to our house without getting
soaked, but the irish eyes of the Carter family were smiling and with each  arriving guest  the rain
let up a little more and by 11:30 the sun was out and it was hot and sunny. The crowd was a bit
smaller than usual as some stayed home do to the rain. Shame on you for doubting our luck! We
have not had a party rained out yet in 11 years (knock on wood) but I must admit that this one
even had me worrying a bit. Next years party is going to be the best yet.
Since the party I have been working mostly on the landscaping, in particular the stone wall.  I have
been fighting Mother Nature with a lot of rain this summer but I have manage to get the wall
closest to the house completely rebuilt and most of the farm road cleared. I have on occassion
worked on making some trimwork for the third floor windows and the kids doorways but mostly I
have been spending my time working outside with my tractor. I will have a long cold winter in
which I can work like crazy on the inside of the house.
In early September my Uncle Don (self proclaimed number one follower of my website) and his
wife Gretchen will be visiting from Texas to see the house for the first time in two years. It will be
a pleasure to give them a tour. I hope the house lives up to the website
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