The Dormers and Attic
During October we received 14 inches of rain. Along with the rain we also received the
realization that we needed a new roof on the large barn. Now while we had planned on
replacing the barn roof we did not plan on it happening before we finished the house.
However as I stood on the first floor and moved boxes that were completely destroyed by
the rain that fell through four floors above, it became obvious that I needed to re arrange the  
order of the repairs that we had made earlier.
The roof repairs included tearing off the old shingles, putting new plywood over the pine
boards and re shingling the barn. While they were up there they resided the cupola and
replaced the windows. We went with vinyl siding so that we would not be up on the roof
repainting in a few years. If you look at earlier pictures you will see a horse for a weather
vane in later pictures it is gone. The previous owners must have thought it did not come with
the house. Unfortunately we did not notice this until it was too late. Always write down
every item and have a check list on closing day. Pattie decided to go with a rooster instead
this time since we are not horse people anyways.One nice part of a project like this  are the  
great people you meet. Gil from Arizona sold us our lightning rods and he was very helpful
and friendly. Click on the picture of the lightning rods to go to his website. Tell him we sent
you . No I do not think this will get you a discount.
The barn's new roof
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January 1, 2006 was a day of reckoning well actually a day of wrecking. We started the
gutting of the music room at 8:30 that morning. First step was to pull off all the molding
and number it for later use. However as with the best laid plans of Mice and Men things
do not always go as planned. As I worked my way down to the baseboards I realized that
the original builder put the baseboard in first and then the floor. Why? I do not know.
Perhaps if you know the reason for this you can leave it in the guest book. I would be
curious as to know why. Anyhow as I broke off the baseboard so I could chisel out the
nails below the floor I soon realized my dream of saving the molding was just that.
The next step was to tear the plaster walls down. Now this looks a lot more fun on
television than in real life. It also takes longer! So eleven hours after we started the project
we have one room done and only ten more to go. I have been asked many times already
so I will answer your question ahead of time, no we did not find any treasures behind the
walls. Just a lot of lady bugs and squirrel's nests, but we do have 10 rooms to go..don't
hold your breath.
The Gutting
Part of the project includes replacing all the windows in the house. We started the window
search in October. I measured all the window openings and we went shopping. We
decided on Marvin windows, we liked the design and look of the window and felt it was
the best window available in that price range. Once the window was decided on I went
price shopping. I gave the bid to three lumber yards. The bids varied in price by over
$6000 from the lowest to the highest. I talked with our local lumber yard who had the
middle price and they agreed to meet the lowest price to earn our business. We try to keep
the business in town when possible but I was not going to pay an extra $3400 to do that.
So we ordered the windows and they arrived on time as specified. However this is when
the fun began. I had made arrangements to have the windows delivered on a Friday at the
house while the builders were there and they agreed to help unload them. However that
night when I stopped by on my way home to check out the windows there were none. As
I returned home my wife was trying to get in her garage but the door would not open.
When I went to investigate the problem I found the missing windows. They had delivered
them to my house not the project house. So Saturday I was on the phone and making
arrangements for them to pick the windows back up and this time deliver them to Cross
Point. I made sure that they knew the address and how to find the house. Oh yes I was
told I drove by it the other day. Monday morning I was up and leaving my house at 6:30am
to meet them and unload my windows.Well at 7:15 no windows so I called, they have
already left I was told OK just running a little late. 7:30 still no windows, maybe they
stopped for breakfast? 8:00 still no windows time for another call but wait here comes a
truck now. I get out of the truck in time to see that the truck is empty and they wave as
they go by. Finally a few minutes later they return still in an empty truck. Are you waiting
for some windows? They ask yes I reply. Oh we dropped them off at another house down
the road thought that was your place. We will go get them and bring them here. So finally
around 8:30 the windows arrived and I unloaded them into my barn.
Later that day the builders installed the windows in the kitchen addition and the three
dormers. I will be installing the rest
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