No project could ever be successful without the help of many people. Everyone we have used in our
project to date has been wonderful to work with and cared about the project and the quality of their work.
Patrice and I would recommend any one on this list and would like to give our heartfelt thanks to them for
all their hard work.
Click on the Item to access their website if available.
Thank you.
John & Patrice Carter
The First
Boothbay Harbor, Me
Brenda Blackman
Jackomovicz Electric
Boothbay Harbor, Me
Alex Jackomovicz
Hardware and Supplies
Grover's Hardware
Boothbay Harbor, Me
Merritt and all the Guys!!
Front Door Restoration
Atlantic Furniture Restoration
Boothbay, Me
Doug Haynard
Housejacking, Foundation and Rough Framing
Julian Castonguay Inc.
Sabattus, Me
Julian Castonguay
J. Edward Knight
Rockland, Me
Bobbi Knapp
Kitchen Design & Woodworking
Knickerbocker Cabinets
Boothbay, Me
Walter Shea
Lightning Rods
Sun City, AZ.
Gil Paquette
Lumber, Windows and

Poole Bros.
Boothbay Harbor, Me
John Sproul
Plumbing and Heating
Allan Smith Plumbing
Lisbon, Me
The Gas Man
Propane Installation
Dead River Co.
Boothbay, Me
Waste Removal
Giles Rubbish
Boothbay, Me
Tree Work
Clossen Landscaping
Boothbay Harbor, Me
Wayne Clossen
Woodstove & Fireplace
Finest Hearth & Home
Yarmouth, Me
Special thanks goes out to:
Arnold Mclain for use of your staging
Bruce, Bob and Don for allowing me use of your muscles from time to time
To my Dad, Fran Carter for allowing me to work you to death for two and a half days helping side the
back of the house
But mostly my thanks goes out to my wife Patrice and kids Erinn and Sam for putting up with all the late
suppers, grumpy moods and missed events while I worked on this project.
Pattie I promise to finish this project some day :) and take you to France
Return Home
Tile,Installation, Plumbing &
Clint Smith Builder
Brunswick, Me
Misc Carpentry
Arnold mcLain
Edgecomb, Me
Port City Flooring
Portland, Me
Paul Lajoie
Warm Tech
Yarmouth, Me
Drywall Construction Co.
John Coady
Boothbay Harbor, Me
Security System
Protection One
Tile Installation (fireplaces &
Jim's Carpet & Tile
Boothbay, Me
Wrought Iron Railing
Scott Tindal
Edgecomb, Me
Misc. Finish Work
Nutmeg Hill Construction
Boothbay, Me
John Pratt
Stain Glass
Amber Jones
Boothbay, Me
Timber frame and stonework
Searsmont, Me
Charlie Martz
Dining Room Built Ins
Allan Walton
Boothbay, Me
Tindal & Callahan
Boothbay Harbor, Maine
Karen Perkins
Weather vane and Cupola
Weather vanes of Maine
Freeport, Maine
Plumbing and Heating
Phase Two
Kennedy Plumbing
Paul Kennedy
Waldoboro, Me
Garage Doors
Brisk Doors
David Close
Gorham, Me